Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nowhere Boy - The Life of a Film

                        "NOWHERE BOY, the debut feature of Sam Taylor-Wood,
                                   tells the never seen before story of John Lennons childhood."

NOWHERE BOY is a joint British-Canadian biopic about the early life of John lennon. It tells of his disfunctional relationships with members of his family most prominently his Aunt Mimi who has raised him since he was 5, and his spirited mother Julia who gave him up to Mimi's care. Wanting to escape this he turns to art and the new music sweeping in from the USA and he also find a kindred spirit in the young Paul McCartney.

The film was Given £1.2 million from the national lottery UK film council premier fund and a further £35,500 from its development fund for the script.   As a Film 4 film it also received a grant from Film 4.

The UK film council  has helped to produce films such as:

  • Touching the Void
  • Tamara Drewe
  • Mrs Henderson Presents
  • This is England
  • Becoming Jane
  • Sex & Drugs &Rock & Roll
"To stimulate a competitive, successful and vibrant UK film industry and culture, and to promote the widest possible enjoyment and understanding of cinema throughout the nations and regions of the UK." - UK film councils aim
World-Wide sales of NOWHERE BOY where represented by HanWay Films other distributors are as follows:

  • Icon Film Distribution - UK and Australia (both home and theatrical release)
  • Mars Distribution - France (both home and theatrical release)
  • The Weinstein Company - US, Germany and Latin America (both home and theatrical release)
the film was also available in Argentina, Taiwan, Greece, Netherlands, Singapore and Swizerland

Box office takings for nowhere boy:

  • opening weekend (America) - $52,749 (4 screens)
  • opening weekend (UK) - £148,157 (172 screens)
  • Gross Revenue - £2,883,846
Its available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats for home exibition.

Film 4 is a subsidiary of channel 4 the British television channel and it has worked with the UK film council on several other products including "This is England" directed by Shane Meadows and also "When did you Last See Your Father" among many others. UK film council was set up by the government but it has its own board of directors and acts indipendently.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Indy Mogul: BFX

I'm deciding to post this up here because I think it could come in handy in future films (either mine or anyone else  who wants to take advantage of it).

Basically its useful if you want to make any props, make up or special FX for most genres of film.

the website: http://www.indymogul.com/backyardfx/episodes

and a couple of samples: