Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Film opening: Initial ideas


The film is about 2 people with a grudge that began as something petty. The film is about the situation escalating and the consequences of the characters actions throughout the film. The opening is the present day whilst the film is seen as a flashback. In the opening we see the culmination of the events of the film, which leaves the audience with questions which lead into the rest of the film.

Character profiles

Protagonist, confident arrogant at times.
Friend of James, brother of Sam.bit of a push over.
quick to anger, quiet, subdued,
strong willed, clever, frequently overlooked but accepts it

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Film opening: the Briefs

I'm in a group with Martin.
Before planing our opening scene we where given a selection of briefs which can be seen here.

We chose to do ...

Film Brief 3
An independent movie featuring a young protagonist Your film should appear to be financed through regional funding
(Opening to Fish Tank, This Is England etc)

we thought that it could be ideal for us because it means that we don't have to so much concentrate on making it look like a big budget film and concentrate more on conveying the narrative to our audience, as independent films tend to be more focused on telling a story of a selection of characters as opposed to making money and simple challenging narratives.