Thursday, 3 February 2011

Opening Scene- Location

when deciding on the location for or film opening we wanted to show an area which demonstrates the gritty ambiance of an independent film for this we chose the Marketplace and the furlong road in Ringwood.

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the reason we decided to choose this area was because we felt that the image of the dilapidated old cinema was quite a poignant one and wed felt that it would be a good opening shot for our film.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Film Opening: production company

To in keep with the brief that we are doing we have to make it appear that our film it financed through regional funding for this we have decided to use South West Screen as our regional production company.

Film opening: the stimuli and conventions

Buy using certain stimuli we can begin to establish the conventions of an independent film and we can also then use these conventions or adapt them:

  • limited non-diegetic sound
  • use of a hand held camera this
  • shots are held for longer and slightly drawn out
  • Gritty feeling
  • High key lighting for a sense of realism
  • Washed out coulor

limited non-diegetic sound this can be seen in the opening of fish tank

use of a hand held camera this again can be seen in the opening to fish tank and also in this extract of this is england

also seen in this extract the shots are held for longer and slightly drawn out we are planning to use this in our opening.

high key lighting and washed out colour it used to convey a sense of realism and grittyness this can be seen in trainspotting.

we decided to have a non- linear storyline which whilst not nesasseraly  a convention of independent films is typically used in British Cinema. two examples of films with non- linear storyline are memento and inception.

Inception opening link

the idea for drawing opening credits on walls and signs in grafiti etc came from this promo poster for this is england.

It is also seen in the opening to Napoleon Dynamite.
Napoleon Dynamite contact sheet

also included in our stimuli are mass effect a computer game by Bioware who are well known for emersive stories and cinematic cut scenes

and we looked at cut scenes of Halo: Reach by Bungie which have a gritty feel just to see if we wanted to play around with it