Saturday, 30 April 2011

film opening: post-production-- the edit

Using Adobe premier pro edited the film opening much like we did the original preliminary exercise by splitting it in half and Martin editing the start due to that being where most of the visual effects where. I found this arrangement to be highly productive as we finished the bulk of the edit in just two days.

(inset pic of editing)

 From then on we just had to tweak it as according to feedback from peers who fell into our target audience also having to be done where the Blender FX by martin who is experienced in using the Blender CGI program. A few of the problems we encountered were some minor issues with the footage that we had to edit around and also the fact that due to our editing pace we had to severely shorten the film in comparison to our animatic from 2:10 to 1:30. due to this we had to add some establishing shots to the start and an extra shot of the main character walking.

Martin explains how he uses blender to create the FX

Film opening: The Shoot-- Day Two!

production schedule

Thursday 10 th march
      11:10 - 12 :50 (school period 3-4)

no props needed
same costume

On the second day of filming we completed the filming of our opening this included all parts of the scene with Alice in. due to having problems with the actor we had originally chosen to play Alice we both chose to recast the role to Beth Turner (see cast list). Due to our actors not having any prior commitments on this day we could take more time on each shot this was good as on the day it was highly windy and so shots needed to be constantly redone due to impromptu gusts of wind messing up shots. overall there weren't many problems this time and we managed to finish filming just before it started to rain. we used much the same techniques as we did in the first day with me setting up the establishing shot and the steady shots with martin doing the handy-cam work.

Film opening: The Shoot-- Day One!

Production schedule:

Wednesday 9th march
      11:10 - 2:10 (school period 3 onwards)

Props needed:



Hoodie/leather jacket for Sam
Fake blood
standard teenage wear for other characters

Due to this being the only day Ollie and Paul were free to film, we decided to film the shots they where in first meaning we in large worked backwards for this shoot starting with the bits we needed Ollie for before moving onto Paul the two of them had to leave promptly after. This meant that the conversation between James (Me) and Paul (Paul) was filmed without the other one being there.

this clip also showcases one of the many problems we faced which was that of people walking in and out of shot. we overcame this by simply taking more takes for any shots where someone walked in front of the camera

We managed to film all the way back to the chip shop scene during day one however due to the actor originally playing Alice dropped out last minuet we couldn't film the whole thing. this was one of the main problem we encountered during the shoot. the other was the fact that every Wednesday a market is set up on the high street of Ringwood exactly where we wanted to film the start of the film so we couldn't have filmed everything first day anyway.

the only make up work that we had to do was a little bit of fake blood for the penultimate shot of our opening.

Two slight problems with misé-en-Scene.

throughout the shoot we utilised mainly Hand held camera operated by Martin (Due to me being largely in the opening and him having the steadier hands) I then set up any tripod shots that where required.